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Protect your dream trip from cancellation fees,
mid-trip emergencies, and all of life's little surprises.
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Insurance for Your Vacation Bucket List


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Call us old-fashioned, but we believe you should talk to a real person when you need help.


Our Real Person Promise guarantees just that: Whether you are seeking a quote, have made a purchase, or need help filing a claim, you'll always be helped by a licensed, experienced, in-house insurance agent who is familiar with your policy and treats you like the cherished customer you are.

See more guarantees.

Our Customer Service Guarantee

Customer Service Guarantee

Get Your Money Back 

When You Can't Go

Don't worry when you have to call off a trip for an eligible emergency. Our trip cancellation plans can reimburse

you for those pesky "irrefundable" trip costs.

The doctor says

he can't go!

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I'm so sorry!

Let me help you

with your claim.

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Help When You're Far From Home

Our plans have 24-hour assistance to help you get to safety -

whether you encounter scary weather or need a ride to the nearest safe hospital.

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Trip Cancellation - Medical Expense - 
Medical Evacuation - Hurricane & Weather - 
Missed Connection - Delayed Baggage -
Non-Medical Emergency Evacuation
A few of our
favorite benefits:
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Free VIP Support and

Custom-Picked Coverage

The same licensed specialist who helps choose your plan supports you before, during, and after your trip. Every member of our team has the expertise to recommend the best plan for you.

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Why choose us

What Our Customers Say

Patty B.

"Fast, affordable, easy"

Girl with Grey Tshirt

Wow, getting travel insurance was something I had not  given much thought to, until one of my friends was hospitalized while traveling in Rome.  Now I won't leave home for a trip without it.  The process was fast, affordable, and easy."

Lisa & Rick T.

"Peace of mind on a

European Cruise"

Older M-F couple with glasses

"We pre-extended to Croatia on our way to Venice!! We had purchased trip insurance for peace of mind just in case our trip was disrupted in any way. Glad we didn't have to use it, but will ALWAYS have it for all of our travels....

Jim B.

"Can't beat this when you're hospitalized abroad"


I never imagined how important travel insurance was until you need it for a hospital visit abroad. You can't beat the protection you have just during the trip.

Customer Testmonials
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60+ Yrs Experience

Tried and True is a division of Insurance Consultants International and has over 60 combined years of expertise in the travel and health insurance industry.

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Family Owned and Operated

We are a family owned and operated company based in majestic Monument, Colorado. Give us a call and you'll talk to Lynette, Alicia, Mark, Melissa, or Kristen - real people who look forward to helping you.

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in 50 states

Licensed and Insured

We are fully licensed and insured in all 50 states and represent some of the most trusted names on the planet. Licenses available upon request.

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