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We highly encourage everyone to consider trip cancellation insurance coverage. The reasons to consider are:

a) If you have to cancel your trip due to an eligible reason, you can put in a claim to get your “non-refundable” trip cost back through the trip cancellation benefit.

b) While on your trip you will be protected for these “post departure benefits” …

·Primary Medical Insurance (Domestic health plans…Medicare do not cover you adequately overseas)

·Medical Evacuation and Repatriation (medical & mortal remains)

·Accidental Death and Dismemberment

·Baggage Delay and Baggage coverage

·Trip Interruption (if you have to pre-maturely depart from the trip)

·Missed Connection & Travel Delay

Please read the brochure (that will be made available) for a full description of coverage.



We will waive the Pre-Existing Medical Condition exclusion if all of the following conditions are met: (a) Your premium for this policy is received within the Time Sensitive Period. Time Sensitive Period means insurance must be purchased within twenty (20) days of the date Your initial Payments or Deposits for Your Trip is received. 

If you happen to miss this window for the waiver of pre-existing condition (you may not even have one), you can still purchase the insurance to protect for situations that could happen between the effective date of the policy and your departure date.

We will help you insure your deposit to lock in the time-sensitive benefits as well as give you a quote for the full trip cost. As you make payments on your trip, you will then add to the amount you are insuring on your trip cancellation plan. 

Trip Cancellation Plan                                 RECOMMENDED

iTravelInsured Travel SE Plan

The iTravelInsured Travel SE plan is our most popular plan for domestic and international destinations. Travel insurance coverage and benefits are available whether traveling on a cruise, tour, or vacation abroad.


Click Image to

View Brochure

  • Domestic and international destinations

  • Trip cancellation maximum benefit up to 100% of trip cost

  • Trip interruption maximum benefit up to 150% of trip cost

  • $2,000 maximum benefit for trip delay (if quarantined)

  • $250,000 medical (primary) 

  • $500,000 maximum benefit for emergency medical evacuation and repatriation of remains

  • Over 39 reasons to cancel including travel bans 

Trip Cancellation Plans with Cancel for Any Reason 

iTravelInsured Travel LX Plan

The iTravelInsured Travel LX plan provides the highest levels of benefits of all iTravelInsured® plans for the most discerning travelers. Cancel and Interruptions for Any Reason (CFAR) can be purchased as an optional upgrade. This plan provides and can be ideal for travelers going to remote and exotic locations worldwide.

  • Trip cancellation coverage*

  • Cancel for Any Reason and Interruption for Any Reason coverage is optional if purchased within 20 days of your first trip payment

  • Travel delay up to $1,000

  • Baggage delay up to $500

  • Pre-existing Condition Waiver Available - if purchased within 24 hours of final trip payment

*Must insure the full non-refundable trip cost 

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View Brochure

If you live in the following states - MO, MT, NY, OR, PA, or WA - please call us for coverage. 

If you live in the following states - MO, MT, NY, OR, PA, or WA - please call us for coverage. 

We are available to help you choose a plan, but first we need the following information:

Thanks for submitting your information.

A licensed agent will be contacting you shortly.

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