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Dear "Your Organization" travelers,


Alicia Cox here! I am the director of Missionary Travel and Faith based Tours for

I am excited to hear that you are traveling to the Holy Land with "Your Organization"!

As you are already aware, there are so many circumstances that can interfere with your trip and lead to cancellation. Below are several of the top reasons travelers cancel their trips:

  • Medical (including a death in the family) …about 85% of the cancellations are because a Dr. is advising you not to travel due to a condition the Dr. is treating you for at the time of cancellation. This includes your spouse, and family member (includes pets too!) or a travel companion who is also on the tour.

  • Travel Ban Warnings If a travel alert or travel warning for levels four (4) and higher or, an evacuation order or, travel ban is issued, for cities listed on Your itinerary after Your Effective Date for Trip Cancellation, to a destination specifically listed Your Itinerary, this is an eligible reason for cancellation. The travel alert/warning, etc. must occur within 30 days of the scheduled Departure Date.

    • For up-to-date information refer to the U.S> State Department website at:

  • Weather Related

  • Employment issues

  • Court Date

   (See 39 eligible reasons for cancellation and interruption in the certificate wording)

If there is a reason you are concerned about that is not on the eligible list of 39 reasons to cancel in the certificate wording, there is a way to protect yourself. “Cancel for Any Reason” (CFAR) policies allow “you” to cancel your travel plans literally for ANY reason. (both plans do not cover if the travel supplier changes the “bargained for arrangements’) If you are nervous about traveling, you need to consider purchasing CFAR.

CFAR will return up to 75% of your non-refundable trip cost. If you cancel for one of the eligible reasons, you will then get 100% of your non-refundable trip cost returned.

Please read the brochure online to learn about the “post departure” benefits such as; medical evacuation, repatriation, medical, baggage, and missed connection coverages that are also included in the price.

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If you have any questions about the above plans, please contact:

Alicia Cox

800-576-2674 x105

Trip Cancellation Plan                                 RECOMMENDED

iTravelInsured Travel SE Plan

The iTravelInsured Travel SE plan is our most popular plan for domestic and international destinations. Travel insurance coverage and benefits are available whether traveling on a cruise, tour, or vacation abroad.


Click Image to

View Brochure

  • Domestic and international destinations

  • Trip cancellation maximum benefit up to 100% of trip cost

  • Trip interruption maximum benefit up to 150% of trip cost

  • $2,000 maximum benefit for trip delay (if quarantined)

  • $250,000 medical (primary) 

  • $500,000 maximum benefit for emergency medical evacuation and repatriation of remains

  • Over 39 reasons to cancel including travel bans 

See Policy Wording by State

If you live in the following states - MO, MT, NY, OR, PA, or WA - please call us for coverage. 

SE Plan Rates (per person):

Insure the Deposit NOW... Read on!

To maximize all the benefits of your insurance policy the wise traveler does the following:

  • By starting a policy immediately, he lowers his daily cost for insurance by dividing the premium over a greater number of days. Example: $400 insurance premium divided by 180 days = $2.22 a day for insurance.  If you know you are going to protect your trip, start the insurance now!

  • If all you have deposited is a minimal amount, you might ask why purchase now? The final premium is often greater than the initial deposit. The wise traveler wants to lock in the time sensitive benefits which are extremely beneficial!


Time Sensitive Benefits

If you start a policy (insure your initial trip deposit within 20 days of the deposit date and then add to the policy as you add to your trip cost) the following will be offered:

  • Waiver of pre-existing condition exclusion - If you have a medical situation causing you to cancel your trip, you need to begin a policy within the time sensitive period.

  • Financial Default - Cruise Lines can go bankrupt…ask Crystal Cruise travelers who are glad they had this benefit and got reimbursed!

  • Travel Ban - Check out below the reason to cancel if a country you are traveling to is raised to a Level 4 (“do not travel”) by the State Department and the CDC.

Calculate your premium for the deposit and start your insurance protection now!

Trip Cancellation Plans with Cancel for Any Reason 

iTravelInsured Travel LX Plan

The iTravelInsured Travel LX plan provides the highest levels of benefits of all iTravelInsured® plans for the most discerning travelers. Cancel and Interruptions for Any Reason (CFAR) can be purchased as an optional upgrade. This plan provides and can be ideal for travelers going to remote and exotic locations worldwide.


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View Brochure

  • Trip cancellation coverage*

  • Cancel for Any Reason and Interruption for Any Reason coverage is optional if purchased within 20 days of your first trip payment

  • Travel delay up to $1,000

  • Baggage delay up to $500

  • Pre-existing Condition Waiver Available - if purchased within 24 hours of final trip payment

*Must insure the full non-refundable trip cost 

See Policy Wording by State

If you live in the following states - MO, MT, NY, OR, PA, or WA - please call us for coverage. 

LX Plan Rates (per person):
LX rates 5k.jpg
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