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Lynette Rempel here!! I am excited to hear that you are traveling with Missional Tours to experience amazing places and meet local people.

As you are already aware, there are so many reasons that might interfere with your trip and why you might have to cancel. Here is just a small list of reasons that might cause you to cancel:

  • Medical (about 85% of the cancellations are because of injury or illness of yours or a loved one.)

  • Death in the family

  • Weather Related

  • Employment issues

  • Court Date 

   (see eligible reasons in the certificate wording)

One of the latest causes for trips being cancelled would be the travel bans by governments regarding COVID and the fear of catching theCOVID. Trip Cancellation Insurance policies do not cover governmental travel bans, nor do they cover fear of what might happen.

However, there is a way to protect yourself. “Cancel for Any Reason” (CFAR) policies allow you to Cancel for “ANY” Reason! So if you are nervous about traveling, you need to consider purchasing CFAR.

CFAR will return up to 75% of your non-refundable trip cost. If you cancel for one of the eligible reasons, you will then get 100% of your non-refundable trip cost returned. The plan we have available to you also includes IFAR or Interrupt for ANY Reason.


Please read the brochure online to learn about the “post departure” benefits such as; medical evacuation, repatriation, medical, baggage, and missed connection coverages that are also included in the price.

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If you have any questions about the above plans, please contact:

Lynette Rempel


Trip Cancellation Plans with Cancel for Any Reason 

iTravelInsured Travel LX Plan                 RECOMMENDED

The Travel LX plan provides our highest levels of benefits for the more discerning travelers. Cancel for Any Reason and Interruption for Any Reason coverage is included at no additional cost. This program provides coverage for most adventure activities and it is ideal for travelers going to remote and exotic locations worldwide.

  • Trip cancellation coverage*

  • Cancel for Any Reason and Interruption for Any Reason coverage is optional if purchased within 20 days of your first trip payment

  • Travel delay up to $1,000

  • Baggage delay up to $500

  • Pre-existing Condition Waiver Available - if purchased within 24 hours of final trip payment

*Must insure the full non-refundable trip cost 

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