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International Insurance for 


At, our agents specialize in finding you the most suitable options and providing support throughout the whole process. Let us find the best plan for your travel insurance needs! 

We shop the following plans to get you the BEST DEAL to protect your trip...
and more


Before we can start a conversation, we need to get some information from you about your upcoming trip. Please fill out the form below and receive a customized quote for travel insurance within 24 hours.

If you have more than 4 travelers, please add their birthdates in the NOTES section below.

I am interested in: (check all that apply)

Thank you for submitting your quote request. We will send you a quote by email within 24 hours.



Are you an Expat? Living Overseas? Traveling overseas more than 6 months our of the year? YOU are eligible for a global health plan (with or without worldwide coverage)!!


We are Brokers/Agents for a number of global health plan carriers. GeoBlue, IMG, Cigna Int’l, UMI, NOW-Health, Allianz Health Plans, and Azimuth Risk Solutions.


On MEDICARE? Have your supplements or advantage in place? You are probably aware that Medicare does not adequately cover you overseas….in fact there is hardly any coverage for you, especially for medical evacuation.


Ask us about what strategies are available for you to protect yourself while overseas!


COVID – some countries like Costa Rica and Turks and Caicos require special lodging provisions with travel insurance. Ask us!! We got you covered!


MEDICAL EVACUATION ONLY PLANS – we have several to choose from.


ACCIDENTAL DEATH –traveling to a higher risk area? Need to bump up your estate planning benefits just in case? We offer monthly premiums to almost every country on the globe. Most areas are simply inexpensive.


INT’L LIFE INSURANCE – need more life insurance but keep getting turned down due to your int’l travels? Let us know your situation!

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