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Our Insurance vs Cruise Line Insurance

Why Should You Insure Your Cruise? What’s the Best Travel Insurance for a Cruise?

Cruise lines offer travel insurance and do so in a temptingly convenient way, by adding it to the price of your cruise. However, you might not be getting the right coverage, no matter how easy it seems. Insurance from the cruise line may not cover trip costs apart from the cruise itself. It’s always best to talk to a licensed knowledgeable agent so that you get the coverage you need.

Good cruise insurance includes protection for trip cancellations, missed connections, delays and interruptions from the beginning to end of your trip, including travel to and from the port. There are many covered benefits with cruise insurance, including:

  • Your plane is late

  • A documented inclement weather condition

  • You test positive for COVID-19 during/before travel (quarantine)

  • You experience a hijacking

  • A strike occurs that affects you and your travel plans

  • The cruise line goes out of business

  • A natural disaster affects you and your travel plans

  • A terrorist event or a riot occurs that affects you and/or your travel plans

  • Pre-existing conditions affect your travel plans

Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) is another optional benefit you may not see offered by the cruise line. Most trip insurance includes a list of covered reasons that trigger benefits. One of these triggers — including sickness, injury, traffic accident, and weather, for example — must occur before you can cancel your trip. But when you add the optional CFAR benefit, you can cancel your entire trip for any reason you wish.

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