Frequently asked questions


Base Plan Benefits & Customized Upgrades

  • Trip Cancellation: 100% of trip cost ($50,000 limit)
    • $200,000 aggregate trip cost limit for all travelers on the same policy.
  • Trip Interruption: 150% of trip cost ($75,000 limit)
  • Trip Delay: $750 ($250/day)
  • Equipment Delay: $200
  • Missed Connection: $750
  • Baggage & Personal Effects: $1,000
  • Baggage Delay: $200
  • Emergency Medical & Dental Expenses: $50,000 ($500 dental sublimit)
  • Emergency Evacuation & Repatriation: $500,000
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment: $25,000
  • Travel Assistance & Concierge Services: Included
    • Includes a wide range of services before and during trips through a 24/7 toll free number. Includes assistance with medical emergencies, lost documents, event ticketing and more.

Bonus Coverages

These benefits are included if plan is purchased within 21 days of initial trip deposit:

  • Pre-existing Medical Condition Exclusion Waiver
  • Financial Default Coverage

Customized Upgrades

  • Cancel for Any Reason: 75% of trip cost
    • Protection for the unexpected, whatever it may be! Cancel at least 48 hours before your scheduled departure date and recover up to 75% of trip cost. Must be purchased within 21 days of initial trip deposit. Max trip cost $10,000.
  • Additional Medical Coverage
    • Medical Expense: Additional $50,000
    • Medical Evacuation: Additional $500,000
  • Adventure Sports Coverage: Available
    • Exclusion waiver for participation in professional athletic events, mountain climbing, operating an aircraft and travel on air-supported devices such as hot air ballooning.
  • Car Rental Collision Coverage (per plan): $35,000
    • Up to $35,000 for collision damage, vandalism, windstorm, hail fire or flood to a rental car while on your trip. $100 deductible. Coverage per plan.
  • Air AD&D: $200,000
    • Up to $200,000 if loss of life, limbs or sight occurs from an accidental injury while on an airline flight.

21-Day Pre-Existing Condition Exclusion Waiver

Pre-existing medical conditions are eligible for coverage when:

  • Plan is purchased within 21 days of initial trip deposit
  • Full trip cost is insured
  • The traveler is medically able to travel at the time of plan purchase
A pre-existing condition is an Injury, Sickness or other condition (excluding any condition from which death ensues) of an Insured, Traveling Companion, Business Partner or Family Member which, within the 60 day period immediately preceding and including the Insured’s coverage effective date. This exclusion applies to those not traveling.


Plan Highlights

  • Primary coverage, no deductibles
  • Kids 17 & under included at no additional cost
    • Kids Included Pricing helps save money on travel insurance when traveling with children. Kids age 17 and under are covered when accompanied by a covered adult. Number of children is unlimited. Please list accompanying child when enrolling. If child’s trip cost exceeds $10,000 or adult trip cost, the child will be charged the corresponding plan cost
  • Pre-existing medical condition exclusion waiver
    • Coverage when plan is purchased within 21 days of initial trip deposit.
  • Trip cancellation/interruption benefit includes:
    • Sickness, injury or death of you, a traveling companion, family member, domestic partner or business partner
    • Inclement weather & natural disasters
    • Financial default when plan is purchased within 21 days of initial trip deposit
    • Labor strikes
    • Business reasons
  • Medical evacuation with hospital of choice
  • Missed connection benefit
  • 5 hour trip delay benefit
  • 12 hour baggage delay benefit
  • Fast online claims
    • Based on industry average. Fastest payments on approved claims when debit card or other EFT method is chosen as preferred payment method. Speed of transaction varies by processing financial institution.

Travelex Select Plan Overview

Designed with family travelers in mind, Travel Select provides kids included pricing. In addition, offers complete customization with personalized upgrade options including cancel for any reason and adventure sports coverage.