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Small-town service while you travel the world is a subsidiary of Insurance Consultants International. We are a team of eight full-time, highly experienced insurance professionals based in majestic Monument, Colorado.


As a leading supplier of global travel and health plans, we offer the same options you'll find on a large quote engine, with the personal customer service that only a family-owned business can provide.

Lynette Rempel
Vice President of Travel Sales

Question: What do you get when you cross a determined Nebraska native with an equally determined husband, 3 young sisters from Burma, 3 young siblings from Nepal, and 5 young sisters from Sudan? Answer: Lynette and her incredible family.


Lynette's experience fostering 11 children, co-founding the Refugee Resource Center, and acting on the board of Yobel Internat'l are perfectly complimented by her education as a travel agent and her 11+ years of experience in the insurance industry, where she has worked with agencies including American Reliable Flood, AFLAC, State Farm, and Allstate. 


Lynette joined our team in 2011 and now serves as our Vice President of Travel Sales in Monument, Colorado. As the go-to travel insurance specialist for, she will win your trust and admiration - just as she's won ours. 

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Mark Sneed
Vice President of Sales

If James Bond was raised in Colorado and had chosen to protect people with insurance instead of with his slightly riskier career as an MI6 agent, he might look a lot like Mark Sneed. Scratch that - he would look just like him! Mark checks all of the boxes that make an ideal insurance agent (and special agent). Here's his dossier: 

SPECIAL TACTICS - Trained with the best in the US Army. Entered the insurance industry in 1994 and has over 25 years of expertise. 

GETAWAY SKILLS - Disguises himself as a volunteer Special Olympics ski coach by day, but his ability to chase a villain down a mountain on skis, bike, or foot should not be underestimated. He knows he can trust his insurance decisions, so he is willing to take risks.

INTERNAT'L ESPIONAGE - Formerly lived in Turkey. Has infiltrated 15+ countries across Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Says he's on vacation, but is known to conduct covert insurance operations around the globe.

SECRET WEAPONS - Rarely a lone operator, Mark derives incredible support from his team of trusted accomplices: his brilliant wife, 5 children, and a grandson. 

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Alicia Cox
Licensed Insurance Specialist

Even though Alicia Cox may be the youngest member of our team, she certainly is the most seasoned traveler out of all of us. Alicia came to work for after a four-year teaching assignment in Nanchang, China and traveling many of the surrounding countries like Thailand, Japan and…well let’s just call her an expert in Asian travel!! While her Chinese has slipped a bit since she has been back, her love for traveling, planning friends travel itineraries, or dreaming of future bucket list trips…it is safe to say that the girl loves to dream of faraway places!

Alicia’s new skill she has mastered since joining is learning how to “Speak FLUENT Travel Insurance”! While insurance terms and certificate wording can be intimidating, Alicia puts her clients at ease by breaking down policies in easy to understand concepts and they appreciate that!

Alicia is a proud graduate from Texas A&M University, will sing the Aggie fight song if asked, and wears the A&M colors during college football season in the fall!

Married to her husband, Kyle (whom she met on assignment in China), they are looking forward to the future which undoubtedly will include the word….ADVENTURE!

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Craig Robinson
Owner & President

The buck stops with Craig Robinson! Craig is the Owner, Managing General Agent, Broker, and President of Insurance Consultants Int’l... and a man with as many talents as titles.


Our team knows him as Boss ("yes sir!"), Mentor, Teacher, Motivator, Role Model, Coffee Maker when the pot is empty and Trash Collector when the garbage is overflowing!


Our clients, however, have different names for him - most notably "The Claims Whisperer" and "My Bulldog." Whether you need help working out the details of a sticky situation or need a relentless advocate to go to bat for you, Craig is happy to be your insurance guy.


In Craig's words: "I want to hear is that I've made an impact in the lives of my team and in the way our clients view customer service. And I hope to create long lasting friendships with both!"


Craig started Insurance Consultants International (a boutique global travel insurance agency) twenty years ago in 1998 with the help of his brilliant wife, Linda. Since then the firm has grown to eight full-time, tenured, highly professional staff that serves and protects thousands of travelers each year. Each of our clients - from individuals to large travel groups - will be treated with the utmost professional, punctual, and personal service you deserve!

Craig always appreciates the opportunity to earn your business!


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